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1 in 20,000– 40,000 children born have Dravet Syndrome fact from

Dravet Research Links

Wiley Online Library Stiripentol in Dravet syndrome: Results of a retrospective U.S. study

Journal of Medical Genetics De novo SCN1A mutations in Dravet syndrome and related epileptic encephalopathies are largely of paternal origin

Journal of Medical Genetics Mechanisms for variable expressivity of inherited SCN1A mutations causing Dravet syndrome

Journal of Medical Genetics Physicochemical property changes of amino acid residues that accompany missense mutations in SCN1A affect epilepsy phenotype severity

GMJ Online Spectrum of SCN1A gene mutations associated with Dravet syndrome: analysis of 333 patients (26 September 2008)

Recommended Links

What is Dravet Syndrome? In Shazza Language A laymen's guide to Dravet Syndrome symptoms, treatment options and more importantly what drugs should likely be avoided.

What is SMEB? In Shazza Language The sister article to What is Dravet Sydrome? In Shazza Language describing SMEB (Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy Borderline) and the differences between SMEB and SMEI / Dravet Syndrome.



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