Dravet Statistics

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1 in 20,000– 40,000 children born have Dravet Syndrome fact from

Dravet Statistics

The ratio of girls to boys who have Dravet Syndrome is 1:1 fact from (Unfortunately this link is now a dead link)

The usual age of presentation (first seizure) is between 01-23 months

Sadly "The mortality rate is very high, from 15.9% to 18% (Dravet et al 2002)" fact from (Unfortunately this link is now a dead link)

Less then 40% of Dravet's patients are photosenstive

15% to 25% of Dravet's cases report a family history of febrile convulsions or epilepsy fact from

242 out of 333 (73%) patients with Dravet Syndrome where found to have SCN1A mutations or deletions, 228 patients were found to have point deletions and of those 161 had mutations that where not previously reported. (26 September 2008) fact from


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Epilepsy Foundation many of the above statistics came from this site



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